What is this process designed to do?

Due to the heightened demand around the 2020 football season, the Upgrade and Relocation process will ensure a fair and equitable opportunity for all season ticket holders to receive the seat locations that they wish for the 2020 season.

How does the process work?

Season tickets will be available January 7th in select locations.  If the locations that you wish to purchase are not currently available, you may add the “UPGRADE” item to your account.  This will indicate to the Rutgers Athletics Ticket Office that you want to be first in line when additional seating options become available. 

Non-renewed season tickets will be dropped beginning of March 2020.  Following the April 30th Priority Point Deadline any account that has indicated to upgrade their seat location will be listed in priority point order.  2019 season ticket holders will have priority over new season ticket holders for the 2020 season.  All rankings will be communicated, and your account representative will be in touch during your time slot to upgrade your seats. 

 How does it work if I want to relocate my 2019 season tickets?

2020 renewal accounts may relocate their seats into available locations immediately when renewal and new season tickets go on-sale.  Simply call your account representative and they will walk you through all the available locations to make the immediate change.  If there are specific seat locations that are not currently available, you can be added to the upgrade and relocation process.  You can also add the “UPGRADE” item onto your online renewal form or request that your account representative add this for you. 

As a 2019 season ticket holder you will have priority access once the process commences.

 How does it work if I’m a new season ticket buyer but the seats I want are not available?

If you don’t already have seats but the locations you wish to purchase are not available early in the process, you can purchase tickets in the closest available seats and add the “UPGRADE” item onto your account thus adding you to the waitlist. 

The only way to be added to the Upgrade and Relocation process is to have paid tickets on your account prior to the upgrade process commencing.  If you elect to wait and see if locations become available, you may absolutely do so, just understand that all other accounts will have access to those locations prior to the general public.  For every 1 seat purchased, season ticket holders may be able to upgrade that 1 season ticket location.