2019 season ticket holders may purchase their parking and choose their lot of choice through Rutgers Buy Now parking process at the time of renewal.  To choose a parking lot, 3 criteria must be met in order to select a specific parking lot.  The charts below highlight the minimum qualifications for each parking lot.


  1. 1 Parking Pass per 4 Season Tickets
  2. Meets Priority Point Minimum for Requested Parking Lot
  3. Meets Annual Gift Minimums for Requested Parking Lot

How do I secure a parking lot?

Season ticket holders will work with their personal account representatives to review their qualifications and add the desired parking lot and passes to their account.

What if I renew online?

By renewing online, a season ticket holder will be adding the minimum value of a parking lot onto their account of $140.  There will be an opportunity to select your top three parking lot preferences through the online renewal form.  Please note – this will not automatically allocate you into a lot.  An account representative will call to confirm a minimum requirements and allocate.

If you do not speak with an account representative prior to June 2019, the ticket office will allocate your parking lot based upon your qualifications and the preferred lots chosen on the renewal form.  The difference in cost will automatically be added to your bill plan or charged to the credit card on file.

To speak with your account representative call 1-866-445-GORU (4678).